Mobile Websites

The mobile market offers unique opportunities to explore the World Wide Web and the Applications that are being developed alongside.
Mobile devices have already begun changing the face of the Internet and the typical office setting. This is an exciting journey that is unfolding before our eyes. The things we have seen in movies as children growing up are now becoming reality.

In order to meet the demands and capabilities of mobile devices, it’s essential to have an experienced team working to development and bring your creations to life. Standard websites that have been traditionally developed to function on a computer may not function properly or may not work at all on a mobile device. Having a mobile website will guarantee that your content is being properly displayed for your visitors.

When developing a mobile website we often ask the following questions.

These questions help determine what features and methods to use when we start developing.
• Why would your current users visit your site on a mobile device?
• What features can you foresee them using?
• What features are crucial for them when mobile?
• What could be some sources of frustration if you didn’t offer them a mobile version?
• What mobile devices do they use currently to access your website?

Other useful Information

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