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Branding: Looks Really Do Matter

I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand No Name? Now imagine a world where we were only surrounded by these bland brands with no individuality or identity. It sounds like some sort of dystopian movie, and we all know how those end (typically, not well). What about a business in this world? How would you speak up? Set yourself apart or be known without a face to remember you by? When looks are taken away you suddenly realize just how significant visuals are in the business world. As humans we’re not only logically programmed, but also incredibly emotional and aesthetically driven which is why graphic design plays an integral role in not only establishing a business, but maintaining its success. It’s where art and functionality come together to create a brand. Here are some not-so-selfish reasons on why sometimes looks really do matter.

First Impressions

The make or break moment, the double take...the vital first impression. In a matter of seconds, a consumer establishes whether or not a brand connects with them. If a brand does not convey a sense of perceived value, credibility or interest, trust is not established; which means neither is the choice to take the next step. Visual perception plays a strong role in decision-making as it gives consumers a specific mindset and sets the tone for your entire brand. So before your brand goes out on the town, take a step back and look in the mirror. First impressions are crucial.

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Stand Out

With business comes competition which is why setting yourself apart with a creative brand can be that defining differentiator. Let’s rewind to that No Name dystopian scenario. Say your company had a sudden awakening and discovered it’s own unique identity. You broke all the branding rules and busted out bold colour schemes knowing full well it would go against the grain. Your business would stand out and catch people’s eye. Being unique draws attention and peaks interest. It’s a great advantage and gives your company a visual edge. So be daring and soak it all in.

Be Memorable

Whether it’s a half bitten apple, golden arches or a simple swoosh, these symbols share something in common: they all serve as a memorable face for their brand. As a business, your goal should be to achieve a similar connection. Establishing a strong brand image and keeping the design consistent boosts brand recognition and awareness. Customers are more likely to show their loyalty and prefer you over the competition because of your established brand. You know what they say, with fame, comes fortune!

Never take looks for granted as your brand image is an absolutely critical component of your marketing strategy. Whether you’re an established business looking for a brand facelift or a start-up looking to enter the market; your brand should reflect who you are as it will set the tone for how consumers view you. Don’t know where to start? Utilize a professional graphic design firm to help develop a cohesive brand and watch your business grow. Be heard, be different, be noteworthy...and look good doing it.

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