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Web Design: Break the Mold

People always respond to out of the box thinking, whether it’s the turtleneck lover Steve Jobs who revolutionized the way we use technology or the Wright brothers who thought like birds and wanted to fly. It’s this forward thinking that helps us constantly grow, innovate and experience success we never thought possible. What people don’t focus on, however, are the roadblocks that these people went through to break the mold and experience success. The hard truth is that it takes countless attempts and time to reach that breakthrough moment.

Let’s take this methodology and apply it to your company. The opportunistic, yet demanding nature of business can make it difficult to stand out. This is none more evident than when it comes to reaching consumers using the most important marketing tool, your website. Let’s be honest, when you first started out you probably didn’t give a website much thought and maybe you didn’t even bother getting one in the first place. However, now that you possess an established brand you’ve realized that not having or using a sub-par website means that you’re missing out on the opportunity to spread your marketing reach and generate leads for your business.

So how can you fix that and have a website that works as hard for you as you do for your customers? By taking the next step and getting a custom website that accurately represents your brand message. Let’s look at a few advantages of having a custom website that’s built just for you.

Tailored Fit

One of the benefits of having a custom website is that it’s designed with your business in mind. This is in direct contrast to a templated website such as WordPress where it’s built to sell the template, not your company. What’s more is that you have to make your content fit that template in order for it to work. This leads to a loss of functionality, frustrated customers and a lack of leads. With a custom website, everything is built around your brand. From the design of the website which includes the website’s colours and overall branding to its functionality such as where buttons go and what they do. Everything is built with you in mind. Think about a suit, would you rather have a suit off the rack or one that’s been made specifically for you? We thought so.

Web design, content management system, CMS, online marketingUpdate like a Pro

Have you ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed when trying to edit your website? You’re certainly not alone. Every website has something called a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit your website. However, some CMSs can be flat out difficult to use if you don’t have coding experience, which let’s face it, most people either a) don’t have or b) lack the time to learn. This can lead to the inability to add new content, which means that information eventually becomes outdated and can even make it impossible to easily respond to inquiries from potential clients. Which is why it’s an absolute must to choose a custom website where an easy to use CMS user interface allows you to simply edit your website while on the go whenever needed and from wherever you are without needing a programmer.


So what about adding or removing website features? With a templated website, you’re essentially tied down to whichever features that particular template has. So what happens if you want to add an e-commerce solution where people can purchase products online? If your template doesn’t have this feature then you either have to break the website and piece it back together or pay for a whole new template, with both options being very costly and time consuming. This is where the flexibility of custom websites creates a huge advantage. What many people don’t realize is that by having a custom website you can easily add or remove features because you’re not tied down to any particular template. This allows your website to grow with you where you can add and edit features as needed.

Regardless of industry, online marketing is an absolute must for any company looking to grow and have success in 2017. By choosing a custom website, you’re setting your brand apart from the competition which puts you on the inside track to exponential online marketing growth. So what are you waiting for? Break the mold and take the next step to unlock your marketing potential!

Break the mold