Marketing is not just about the product, it's about the client's overall experience
Have you ever been to your grandparent's house and opened up the wooden chest to be welcomed by an appalling order of mothballs? It's one of those smells that seem to stick with you and even though it may not be present at a later date, it can always be remembered. It's something that ends up stinging your nostrils and leaves you with a permanent repulsive memory. I have had similar experiences when approaching a salesperson to only ask a question and instead they are looking for that hard sell.
Everyone likes doing business with companies who are on the move. There's a perception of success with organizations that are growing, changing or standing out. The problem lies not in whether we want success but more in are we willing to actually change.
Want to understand how social media can help your public and nonprofit company. Check out this infograph that breaks it down for you.
In life everyone loves a good game as long as it remains fair, right? Wrong. If everything was one hundred percent fair every game would end up in a tie. The saying "May the best man win" must mean that someone will end up with an advantage in some way or another. In business no one wants the game to be fair. Business owners want to have the advantage and the competitive edge.
Want to see how quickly 60 seconds can fly on the Internet. This infograph will break everything down with incredible stats.
Stressed over the thought of Christmas shopping quickly approaching? Trying to avoid the chaos of over packed parking lots, hot shopping malls, long line ups at the cashier and disgruntled employees? Join the club.
Are you feeling the burden of increased spending due to the holiday season that is just around the corner? You are not alone, everyone is spending. Make sure your business does not feel extinct this holiday by providing your consumers with the online shopping services they need.
Check out this amazing infograph to understand the importance of blogging!
Do you think you're Apple's number one fan? Take the test on the How Apple Are You? infographic from to see how you match up! Fancy a new tattoo soon? How about an Apple?
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