Imagine you've been saving up for a new car, particularly a sports car. You finally have enough saved and can't wait to go out and buy the car of your dreams. You daydream about being behind the wheel and feeling the wind in your face while hearing the loud rumble coming from the engine. The big question, however, is how do you possibly choose and what factors weigh more heavily in your decision?
Humans have been communicating with electronic devices for nearly 100 years now, and have become more diverse, more efficient and smaller. Check out the infographic about the evolution of hand held communication over the years.
Visiting a new restaurant with the hopes of finding that hidden gem is one of my highlights of going out for a night. Getting away from the ordinary and experiencing something that is unique and mouthwatering is something that we can all enjoy. Many times I have walked away from having an amazingly delicious meal but felt robbed of the dining experience as a whole.
Check out this infographic about technology trend statistics for your business
Maybe it's just that I'm slowly aging but I've grown to like old things. I'm not completely sure how this has happened, but vintage is now appealing. Faded, cracked hardwood is now desired and there is now a collective sigh every time an old plaza is torn down in favour of a bright new one.
Check out this infographic about how technology is becoming less an extension of oneself and more a part of oneself.
As a kid, I always looked forward to track & field season near the end of the school year. I loved running the 100m and usually walked away in 3rd or 4th place. Except one day my coach pulled me aside and said "I want to you to run in the next race, the 200m." I was a little taken back since I always ran the 100m, but was excited at the opportunity.
Trends and Statistics of mobile use
Much to my enjoyment, my six year old daughter has grown to love animals of all kinds. While so far, I've been successful in avoiding another addition to our busy household, we've settled on evenings of National Geographic together.
We have all seen and have had images branded into our minds daily. When you drive down the street and your two year old starts yelling, "fries, fries I want fries" as you pass the Golden Arches. When you are watching a movie and notice the Apple laptop sitting in the background of a scene. These brands become part of our lives and when these brands have reached ultimate status they become the product instead of being a product in a category.
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