I've always enjoyed the month of February. I know it may seem odd, but I find it beats the Christmas hangover that seems to last all through January. February is also home to Valentine's Day, which brings about a barrage of candlelit dinners, gifts and romantic getaways (plus it's one month closer to spring, but that's besides the point). However, it's quite interesting to see that the "month of romance" is quickly forgotten come March and all of the romantic gestures seem to fade away. Relationships of course aren't just limited to romantic ones either as the same scenario can be applied to business relationships.
A new year is upon us and with it come the all too familiar New Year's resolutions that range from people committing to the gym, taking the opportunity to learn something new or reconnecting with old friends. However, many people forget that resolutions can and should be applied to the business world as well, especially when it comes to marketing.
Frustrated with a lack of results from your marketing efforts? What if I were to tell you that there was a way to increase your leads and have customers come to you? Well now there is! Business owners meet inbound marketing... the most effective way to get people to engage with your brand. So what is inbound marketing exactly? Inbound marketing defined is the practice of consistently providing quality content over marketing channels to bring people to you as opposed to going out and approaching them.
As a kid growing up, my brother and I would always look forward to going camping with our grandparents for a weekend every summer. We could hardly wait to spend the weekend swimming, sitting around campfires and making new friends. One of my fondest memories of those weekends was our grandfather teaching us how to do different tasks around the campsite. While teaching us, he always used his Swiss Army knife. I was quite fascinated with his knife and would watch in amazement as he used it for a variety of tasks that required us to cut, fix or build something.
A few tips that will help you avoid the nightmare of rejection.

My wife and I wanted to host a fall kickoff party filled with friends, great food, an outdoor theatre for the kids and a campfire; an all out celebration to mark the end of a great summer. It was going to be great and I could literally visualize the party and how it would play out. We set a date and started working on the little details. I purchased a brand new outdoor fire pit for the campfire and contacted the screen rental company for our outdoor theatre. My wife had worked on the decorations and menu. Everything was set, except the guest list.
I love golf; I've been playing the game since the age of three. One of the most important lessons I've learned is that it's a game that you never truly master. It's filled with ultimate highs and pretty disheartening lows. I've always wondered why the game has been so closely associated with business activities and events. Whether it's taking out colleagues for a round, hosting a corporate tournament or inviting a potential client out to the links. There really isn't any other sport that is used more in the business world than golf.
What are practical ways, we as small business owners can add value to our products and services?
I have always been a motorbike guy; it could be because I spent a large part of my teenage years in Haiti riding dirt bikes from village to village through picturesque tropical terrains to barren desert-like landscapes. It could also be the notion that you can't explain the freedom you have when you fall in love with the open road. Moving back to Canada marked a sad day for me as I had to leave my bike behind. I recently restored my loss and purchased my first bike since owning one in Haiti. I couldn't just buy a brand new bike; I wanted something that reminded me of that first bike I owned. I ended up finding a 1982 Honda CB650 in mint condition.
I remember the first time I walked into my house. Not really in the market for a home, just weeks before our marriage, my wife and I went for a Sunday drive and randomly stopped at an open house. Four months later, unexpectedly and without really even attempting to sell, we somehow sold our house. We purchased and moved into this 100 year old character home, an intimidating change for a "handyman" like myself.
Not so long ago I was in the market to buy a new vehicle for my family. I picked up the local ad listing and began a search. I noticed this ad for a black sports car, with leather seats and a moon roof for those sunny days.
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