You've poured your heart and soul into your website. You hit publish and while you were hoping your new site would bring you an onslaught of new customers; you got none. All you heard were crickets.

Why? Maybe it's because of your brand - your customers' overall perception of your business.
It's a bird! It's a plane!'s a drone! The drone industry's meteoric rise has led to consumers taking to the skies in staggering numbers. Wondering if harnessing the power of drone technology has value for your business? Learn more about the value of drone marketing here!
These are exciting times! Drones are shaking up how brands showcase their business. While aerial shoots may be new and enthralling, there's a ton of preparation that goes into every flight. To help give you a better idea, here are 5 important questions that need to be answered before every drone flight.
Countless aspects combine to make up a successful website. The code needs to be just right, it has to communicate your core message, and it should be optimized to be found easily through social media.

And yet, all of these (and other) factors matter little if you cannot get the visuals right.

It's a simple fact, but one that's too easily ignored: great photography can make or break your website. Choose the right visuals, and your marketing will take off, your visitors stay longer, and your website contributes directly to business growth. Fail to do so, and you waste significant resources on a website that cannot attract, convert, or delight your potential customers.
You've heard it everywhere: to grow your business, you need social media marketing. It's the new form of word of mouth, especially considering the fact that about 70 percent of Canadians now use some form of social media.

But where do you start? If you lack specific and dedicated expertise in the topic, it can be difficult to get a handle of the complex world that is social media. In isolation, a brand presence on the medium makes sense. And yet, without the right approach, you risk joining the countless businesses who spend time and resources on it, only to see a negligible return on their investment.
With more and more consumers opting to shop online, websites are now the heartbeat of your digital marketing strategy and having a top-notch website can do wonders for your business. Wondering if your website has gone the way of the dodo bird? Here are the 5 telltale signs that your website is due for a facelift.
When your website first launched, you were probably amazed at the functionality and cutting-edge features. As time goes on, however, your site's performance begins to suffer and the results begin to decline. Let's talk about the benefits of a redesign.
Marketing has undergone a radical revolution over the past decade. Digital marketing has completely changed how brands connect with their customers and has absolutely blown the roof off what is possible. Learn about the stages that most businesses experience when making the switch to online marketing so that you can avoid these common mistakes.
We get it. Overhauling your website, the heart of your brand's online presence, can seem pretty daunting. To help with that, we've created our own manual for web design that will help guide you during the exciting journey of improving your online marketing.
The festivities have subsided and 2018 is here! Every new year brings about a seasonal renewal of positivity and motivation to accomplish bigger and greater things. Which is why it's not surprising that new year's resolutions have become a popular part of the renewal process. However, many people who set resolutions struggle to accomplish their goals for a variety of reasons.
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