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Over the last 12 years in the graphic and web design industry Symetric has seen great success.

AN AWARD WINNING DESIGN FRIM HAS OPNED THE DOORS TO INTERACTIVE APPLICATIONS and so can you.....Winning award after award for our consistent creativity and mastermind programing. We have always been known for meeting the unique needs of our clients.

So naturally when the mobile market jumped onto the scene we purchased our ticket for development and began our journey. Clients began coming one by one as they too began to see the endless possibilities that mobility brings.

It became clear that our generation was heading in a direction that is continually changing the way we communicate, interact and live. The moment that we begin using this new type of technology is the moment we become addicted. We made the decision to open a specific division of Symetric that was dedicated to live, breath and create the solutions for your mobile needs, and Addicted to Touch was born.

Fact: currently consumers are spending 10% more time on apps then on websites.

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